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A visit to DJ5MW (ex DL2MEH)

June 2004

Manfredīs new station and the home of DF0WA located in a farm house
in Scheidegg/Allgaeu on top of a 1000m hilltop.  The pictures are taken
from the fieldday site, a few hundred meters to the north.

The roof-mounted multiplier antenna is a KT34A.  There are more
wire antennas for the lowbands hidden near the trees to the right.

The cranked-down 17m Biglift with A3S and WARC DP.
These will be replaced with a 4el SteppIR and XM240!

September 2000

Manfredīs home station in his parentsī house near Lindau / Lake Konstanz.
NW to SW are good directions as the antennas shoot right over the lake.  To the east
the terrain rises somewhat with a few hills and the Allgaeu mountains in the way.

Antennas are a KT34A @14m, 40-160m Dipoles and temporary Verticals.

This picture may be a little bit older. © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO