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Stefan v. Baltz 


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IARU FD CW 2002 DF0WA/p Restricted

Same QTH as in SSB-FD 2000:
From the bus you have a nice view
down to Lake Konstanz (to the right),
and to the Allgaeu Mountains!
15m push-up aluminium mast
with 2x 42m Doublet
Manfred climbes this old tree
to get one Doublet half up
to about 12m.
The trick to push up the mast easily
is to tie it to a solid mechanical
structure, such as this metal gate.
Two layers of guy ropes are used.
Manfred DL2MEH
speed - this is
At least the T-shirts are identical!
Note the clip-ferrites
around all those
cables! © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO