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IARU FD CW 2004 DL1IAO/p Open B

Lots of KT34 parts waiting
to be refurbished - how about
a small 2el Yagi this year?
The new Fieldday Beam
ready for fine-tuning
Manfred DJ5MW mounting the BeamThe next morning Manfred looks fresh
enough for some serious mast-pushing!
R7 Vertical in the background
The Beam @8m -
optimum height for
Fieldday short-skip!
2el on 2.5m Boom
160m DP @14m
40/80m DP @13m
Antennas up and runningA beautiful place -
as long as the WX keeps up
Manfred DJ5MWIC781, WX0B Stackmatch,
Packet radio, CT v10.0
on 486 notebook
A new multiplier
keeps the spirit high!
Generator powerStorm coming up
1068 QSOs (claiming a new Open-B record)
and several rain showers later:
The DL1IAO/p Fieldday team taking a moment
before disassembling the antenna farm © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO