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IARU FD SSB 2004 DL1IAO/p Open B

Nice antenna crew
this time!
Some finishing touches
on the tribander
(Me & Fred DF5UL)
The SWR is not bad,
The DL1IAO/p Fieldday
station ready to go!
160m DP @14m,
80/40m DP @13m
Homebrew "KT32A"
tribander @10m
2el fullsize 40m
Spider-Moxon @8m!
Stefan DK1MM opening up
the first shift
Manfred DJ5MW at the controls:
TS870, WX0B stackmatch, CT v10.0
Valentin DL4VK taking care
of some excellent steaks
Stefan DK1MM & Valentin DL4VK
definitely enjoy this part of the Fieldday
The Fieldday antenna farm
at sunrise
...a breathtaking scenery
The usual WX fresh-up
makes the 40m Moxon
look like a moon-bouncer
Manfred is happy to
bring the antennas back
down to a safe height
Almost done
roughly 60min later © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO