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IARU FD SSB 2005 DM1A/p Open C

Thanks to Ulrich DG4BUL erecting the antenna farm is easy and safe
Manfred ready to drive in the
mast pegs with his big hammer
Lots of cables to route
to the portable shack
A3S @16m,
40m Spider-Moxon @14m,
84m Windom @14m
Ulrich brings up some
spare parts in a hurry
Winfried replacing a bad
capacitor in the generator
The Windom problem is tracked
down to a loose wire in the
4:1 Current Balun box
Manfred DJ5MW running 20m
I´m just waiting to jump
into my operating shift
Winfried DK9IP
Sunrise always is beautiful up on the fieldday hilltop!
# © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO