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IARU FD CW 2006 DM1A/p Open B

This is the first time I´m assembling a Spiderbeam. Fortunately
Marius DF1MA has some experience. This antenna is larger than expected!

Winfried DK9IP and me
heaving the Spiderbeam
to its final position
Spiderbeam & fieldday mast
ready for push-up
Winfried unloading the
15m aluminium mast
for the 2x 40m Doublet
Spiderbeam @12m, 2x 40m Doublet @15-12m,
40m Sloping Dipoles (NW/NE) @14m
The Spiderbeam works VERY well!
TS870 + Drake MN2000,
WT on HP Omnibook XE3
In the evening Martin DJ5IR
brings over some superb Pizza.
Like in 1999 I´m running
single-op style for 24h...
The shack cools down during
the night - but not the rate!
Wolfgang DF2IY (R) and me (L) repacking the Spiderbeam on Sunday.
I´m looking a bit confused with all those wires after 24h straight. © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO