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IARU FD SSB 2006 DM1A/p Open C

Some last-minute grass
mowing at the fieldday site

The generator is picked up
Ulrich DG4BUL and his truck

Manfred DJ5MW and Ulrich
DG4BUL positioning the mast
40m fullsize Spider-Moxon
ready to go up
A3S @16m,
40m Moxon @15m,
R7 Vertical to the right
A3S + 40m Moxon

Manfred DJ5MW is the
primary Bratwurst operator...
...and being carefully watched.

DK9IP/YYL patiently awaiting the Bratwurst!
Me with a nice panorama view
through the shack window
DK9IP´s dual-handed tune-up
procedure sure speeds up QSY!
Grabbing bandmap multipliers
with Win-Test is fun...
A comfortable way to take down the antennas!

The fieldday mast on its
way back to the garage

# © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO