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IARU FD SSB 2007 DM1A/p Multi-OP HP Assisted

The proud antenna building crew
below the fullsize 40m Moxon
OE9MON and me cranking up
Carl´s beautiful portable mast
Things getting HIGH!
Ulrich DG4BUL using compressed
BigLift air to fire up the barbecue...
Fieldday picnic below the (not used)
BigLift antenna farm at DJ5MW
A true hilltop location!
A3S @17.5m,
40m Moxon @16m,
20m 2el Yagi @10m fixed NE
Sunrise at DM1A/p
Manfred DJ5MW,
TS870 + Alpha99, WT v3.15
Carl OE9MON enjoying
a nice W/VE run on 20m
Dieter OE8KDK running 40m
on Sunday morning
Antennas back at ground level
Ulrich trying to ride his
tribander-loaded bike...
# © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO