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Experiencing salt water propagation on Juist Island EU-047 May 2002

Nothing but salt water to
both W and JA!  I have
never heard UA9īs and
other Asians so loud on all
bands - despite poor condx.
6m wire vertical attached
to cheap and lightweight
plastic tubing sections,
available at your local home
store.  8-12 radials are laid
out on the ground.
The dunes to the south
donīt seem to affect the
performance of the vertical.
IC735 + 12V/12Ah lead-acid gel cells,
Mini-Paddle + homebrew keyer.
The homebrew L-network tuner will match
just anything, even short telescopic whips.
Typically the gel cells are good
for 2h of CW at 25W out.
Next time I have to figure out
how to put existing structures
to good use as an antenna! © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO