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A visit to W6NL/KK6QM July 1996

The Leesonīs house on top of a hillTopography to Northeast (Europe)
Hummingbird landing
The house and part of
the antenna farm from
the other side of the hill
L: 204BA, 10m 6el,
R: 40m Rotary DP, 15m 6el
Another perspective with
the 205BA and commercial
antennas in the background
205BA and commercial
antennas sharing
the same tower
Closer view of the 204BA
and 10m 6el.  This is a
windy location for sure!
Lots of cables going up
With steep downward slopes
to all directions a 10m beam
easily can be too high for
maximum performance!
Control house20-10m Log Periodic © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO