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Stefan v. Baltz 


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That´s me pretuning the amplifiers.
I took off 2 complete days to prepare the station.
3 amplifiers are a bit too much
for the AC outlet!
Unfortunately one TS870 does
not survive the "burn-in" test
Some last-minute soldering is required
to bring the front-end back to life
All 3 stations ready for
the best contest of the year!
Manfred DJ5MW piloting
the Run station to
a good start on 20m
Fab DJ1YFK at Mult #2
5el 15m @25m 3el 40m M2 @20m with
the homebrew 6el 10m on top
4el 20m M2 @27m
Manfred DJ5MW, Fab DJ1YFK
& Win DK9IP make up
a great daylight team
on Saturday!
Manfred at Mult #1 using
a TS870 + AL82
Fab running NA on 15m
with an FT1000MP + Alpha87
Win is the multiplier expert
Just worked ZL6QH on 80m! All multipliers worked
on early Sunday morning...
Lots of QTCs and a 10m NA opening on Sunday Andy DL3YM and I share the last operating shift © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO