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Stefan v. Baltz 


#HF Radio Contesting & Personal Information


Sigs property is located on a wooded hilltop with free shots to all
important directions.  The towers are some 100m behind the house.
80m 4el K8UR Array,
40m 3el fullsize @40m,
10m 5/5/5 on sidemounts
The 2nd tower with
80m Force12 Rot. DP @42m,
20m 5/5/5 on TIC rotors,
15m 4/4/4 on sidemounts
Closer view of the 20
& 15m stacks.  All Yagis
except 40m are designed
and built by N3RS.
A 160m T-Vertical hangs
between the two towers.
Left station:
IC775 + Alpha76
All antennas are shared by
the 2 operating positions
using Topten switching and
W3NQN filters.  There is no
noticable interference!
Right station:
FT1000MP + Alpha76.
Both stations are fully
computer controlled and
ethernet-linked thru a
CT-network on 2 486s.
Sig N3RSDave N3RDOn 80m the Beverages open
up a completely different
layer of EU stations
compared to the Rotary DP!
These pictures made the front cover of the WAE results booklet © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO