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Stefan v. Baltz 


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WRTC 2000 in Bled/Slovenia (1)

Ready to leave my room
in Tuebingen where
Im studying
The next morning at DL2MEH
near Lindau.  There is
nothing like going south!
Welcome to Bled!
Finally arriving in the hotel roomOur arsenal of weapons for the contest
The Welcome Meeting
in the Ice Hall of Bled
Glenn K6NA is
easily recognized
as a Referee
Rich N6KT
impressively how
rule violations will
be punished
Dinner with
W1FJ and XYL
Me with
Mark ON4WW &
Manfred DL2MEH
Relaxing at the
hotel (L-R): Robert
S57AW, Jiri OK1RI,
Gary VA7RR
L-R: Ben
Jose CT1BOH/P40E,
Rich N6KT/HC8A
Joined Competitor/Referee
meeting lead by Robert
S53R & Tine S50A
Front: VE7ZO, VE3EJ
Behind: JH4RHF, JA8RWU
Front: ?, N6TV, K3NA
Team South Africa: Chris
ZS6EZ & Bernie ZS4TX
L-R: Fabio I4UFH, Stefano
IK2QEI, Giorgio I2VXJ
On the way to the pileup
competition (L-R): PY1KN,
The first group is directed
to the audio lab.
Still waiting to get started © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO