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#HF Radio Contesting & Personal Information

WRTC 2002 in Finnland (1)

Operators (& Radios)
arriving at Helsinki Airport:
Hein DL2OBF &
Carsten DL6LAU
WRTC HQ Hotel "Espoo" in Helsinki.
Note the tribander on the roof!
Check-inTeam Austria at the
WRTC registration desk
The crowd gathering for the first
official meeting at Dipoli Congress Center
Pasi OH2IW presenting
the schedule for the week
At Himos holiday resort headquarter.
Front: Steve K7LXC & Igor UA2FZ
Center: Ivo 5B4ADA, Dale VE7SV
Jay WX0B escaping
from the subtropical
finnish high-noon sun
L-R: WWYC´ers Dan
N6MJ, Thomas OZ1AA,
Dave N2NL
Dan K1TO trying to look
intimidated in the presence
of next-generation
contesters (Dan N6MJ)
& Roland DK3GI
L-R: Chris ZS6EZ, Bernie
ZS4TX, Roland DK3GI
Me, taking a break...
During the first competitor
meeting (L-R): TG9AJR, Tim
K3LR, Pat N9RV, Gator-yes-
that´s-my-name N5RZ,
Rus K2UA
Final questions about
contest rules: Randy K5ZD
#5 finishers Bob KQ2M
& Dan W7WA © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO