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#HF Radio Contesting & Personal Information

Thanks for recording these Files!

IARU FD SSB - 20M at N9BAV (352KB)
During the very nice W/VE opening on late Saturday evening. Lots of 001-exchanges, thank you!

IARU FD SSB - 20M (219KB) & 80M (21KB) at IT9PQJ
Roughly 100 QSOs later and still trying to attract some DX on 20m. The short 80m recording was in the wee hours of Sunday morning while saying hi to another DL fieldday station.

CQ WW CW - 40M (153KB), 15M (167KB) & 20M (205KB) at K5ZD
I never really felt loud with the siple INV V on 40m, but the recording right the beginning surprised! The 15m QSO was on Sunday when Randy found me on the 2nd radio. I was not asleep on 20m - just ran back into the shack after checking the beam direction outside on the roof, sri...

CQ WW CW - 20M at K5ZD (117KB)
The band took a deep dive on Saturday at ~17:30 but opened again for me a few minutes laters.

IARU HF - 15M SSB (227KB) & 10M CW (44KB) at PT5U
Some quick 2nd radio QSOs at 16:15 & 17:55. 15M is just a minute after my friend Manfred DJ5MW/DF0WA.

IARU HF - 40M CW at OL4HQ (61KB)

A last sweep of 40M CW at
~05:15 before moving up to 20M SSB.

ARRL DX CW - 20M at K5TR (129KB)
The first W5's are responding to my CQ on 14033 at ~13:45 on Saturday.

CQ WPX SSB - 80M at OL5Q (57KB)
S&P on a crowded band at ~02:40 while looking for a new CQ frequency.

ARRL DX CW - 10M (117KB), 20M (118KB), 40M (135KB) & 80M (115KB) at K3WW
About 40W out on 10m - linear still heating up!  While 20m was barely coming alive on Sunday morning, 40m signals sounded pretty good.  80m condx were down this particular weekend.

DARC 10M - at DJ1YFK (64KB)
About 15min into the contest with the antenna aimed east:  The big amount of echo and the somewhat busy frequency (clear on my end) could explain the slow first hour.

CQ 160M CW - at OL5Q (28KB)

ARRL DX CW - 10M (90KB) & 40M (89KB) at K3WW
After making the jump to 10m, Chas is my QSO #4 on that band.  At ~ 07z the low 40m DP sounds surprisingly loud on his 2el Cushcraft.

WRTC - 10M CW (46KB), 15M CW (74KB) & 20M CW (91KB) at HB9CZF
All 3 QSOs on Sunday.  10 & 15m condx to DL/HB9 etc. were unstable with mostly weak signals.


CQ WPX SSB - 10M (37KB) & 20M (76KB) at OL5Q
The 20m contact is near the end where I was close to losing my voice.

CQ WPX CW - 15M at ZK1EFD (79KB)
Im struggling to pull him thru on a noisy band.  What a patient operator!

CQ WPX CW - 80M at OL5Q (62KB)
After having spent my off-time to get up the 160m INV L and to fix various stuff, I had probably reached a critical mental point at ~ 01z:  How could I miss that number?

AA CW - 15M at DJ1YFK (17KB)
Backscatter on his Doublet.

IARU HF - 20M CW at OL1HQ (30KB)
One of many good 2nd radio sneaks!

CQ WW CW - 10M (32KB), 15M (26KB) & 160M (31KB) at OL5Q
All on Saturday where a major solar flare forced me to S&P most of the time.

WRTC - 20M SSB at OL0HQ (26KB)
Not quite zero-beat when calling, lotsa adrenaline flowing on Sunday morning!

CQ WW CW - 10M at N7IP (KL9A) (109KB)
During the substantial westcoast run on Sunday evening.

IARU HF - 40M CW at OL5Q (41KB)

CQ WW SSB - 15M at OL5Q (25KB)
The band had just opened on early Sunday morning.

Own recordings

BCC-PED Multi Caller (10min - 1.18MB)
4930 Pts, 82 QSOs, 56 WPM © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO