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Stefan v. Baltz 


#HF Radio Contesting & Personal Information

Guest Operating at DL0WW

Far view of the antenna farm.
The station is located at the border
of a town close to Rhine River.
The clubhouse with the UHF/VHF tower
in the background.
10m 6el (10m boom) @24m
40m 3el M2 @21m
The small Yagi is a 6m 5el.
15m 5el (10m boom) @25m20m 4el M2 @27m
The tower is shunt-fed
for 160m.
Feedpoints of the 80m Bobtail (NW/SE)
and 160m shunt-fed tower
Meeting room & bar
Work benchThe shack as of October 1999:
FT1000MP + homebrew PA
TS850 + TL922
homebrew 2-station antenna switching
During a general meeting, January 2002 © by Stefan v. Baltz, DL1IAO